महाराष्ट्र शासन
Government of Maharashtra
जल व भूमि व्यवस्थापन संस्था
Water & Land Management Institute(WALMI)


  1. Water & Land Management Institute (WALMI) Aurangabad provides various avenues for assistance and support to its users.
  2. Users can access help resources such as FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sections on the institute’s website to find answers to common queries.
  3. WALMI Aurangabad may offer user support through email, telephone, or in-person assistance during regular business hours.
  4. Training sessions, workshops, and seminars may be conducted by WALMI Aurangabad to provide guidance and assistance on specific topics related to water and land management.
  5. Online tutorials, guides, and manuals may be available to help users navigate through the institute’s website or utilize its services more effectively.
  6. WALMI Aurangabad may collaborate with other organizations or agencies to provide additional support and resources to users, especially in areas such as agricultural practices, irrigation techniques, and rural development.
  7. Users are encouraged to reach out to WALMI Aurangabad’s designated contact points for any assistance or inquiries they may have.
  8. Feedback mechanisms may be in place to gather user suggestions, comments, or concerns regarding the institute’s services, which can help improve the overall user experience.
  9. WALMI Aurangabad strives to ensure that users receive timely and effective assistance to address their needs and concerns.
  10. By providing comprehensive help and support resources, WALMI Aurangabad aims to empower users to make informed decisions and achieve their goals in the fields of water and land management.