महाराष्ट्र शासन
Government of Maharashtra
जल व भूमि व्यवस्थापन संस्था
Water & Land Management Institute(WALMI)


Achivements upto March 2018

Sustained and well-planned efforts of WALMI have contributed significantly in the overall development and improvement in irrigation water management & irrigated agriculture in Maharashtra. Some of the important indicators are as below:

Total training courses for professionals 2220
Officers & staff trained 88879
Farmers' training courses 493
Farmers trained 59768
Training of trainers (national level) 3
Seminars/workshops organized 626
Publications (in English/Marathi) 78
Video films produced 116
VCDs produced 20
Computer software developed 29
Action Research studies completed 23
Consultancy jobs completed 52
  • Increased awareness about and adoption of integrated approach to IWM particularly in the area of Irrigation Scheduling crop water requirements etc.
  • Project appraisal reports are prepared based on more scientific methods (NIR,IRR.). WALMI trained engineers feel confidant in preparing these reports and compliances of remarks on the same.
  • Improvement in execution of On-Farm Development works i.e. Field Channel and Land leveling works in the command areas. Based on the classroom teaching and field experience, Govt. has entrusted the work of revising old OFD manual to the Institute and the same has been completed. This revised OFD manual has been published by Govt.
  • Adoption of scientific water application methods in the field by large number of farmers (from wild flooding to Border, Basin and furrow methods). The approach and techniques developed and practiced by the Institute for training farmers in the command areas through off-campus and on-campus training, demonstration on Institute’s farm, farmers study tours is highly useful for increasing water use efficiency as revealed through impact evaluation of training programs. The evaluation indicates that there an increase in the yield of major irrigated crops to the extent of 35 to 95%. So far the Institute has imparted training to 44421 farmers and about 70000 farmers have visited the Institute during last 10 years.
  • There is a contribution of the Institute by way of training to farmers in increasing area under Drip Irrigation from 430 ha in 1986 to 1,93,000 ha in 2001 in addition to extension services of Agriculture Department.
  • Adoption of improved water allocation based on net irrigation requirements, irrigation scheduling i.e. deciding frequency-depth-duration based on soil-crop-climate database and water application methods like border/basin etc. in irrigation projects like Jayakwadi, Upper Penganga, Loni, etc. by Irrigation Department.
  • Crop diversification in Pench Irrigation Project i.e. Rabi Paddy was replaced by crops like Wheat, Gram, Mustard, etc. increasing areas from 15000 ha to 28000 ha. Similarly Rabi Paddy was replaced by Groundnut and Pulses in Minor Irrigation Projects of Sindhudurga District of Konkan Region.
  • Increased use of computers in IWM because of continuous training and inhouse software development for IWM. The Institute has developed about 29 computer programmes related to IWM like Preliminary Irrigation Programme, Rotational Water Supply, Flow measurement, Assessment & Recovery, Canal design, Estimation of Crop Water requirement by Modified Penman Method etc. The Institute is instrumental in introducing computer culture in Irrigation Department.
  • Assisting ID in establishment and running of Water Users Cooperative Societies through training of officers, farmers, office bearers of Societies, feedback to Department for facilitating organizational changes. Separate cell on PIM is working. The Institute is assisting Govt. in drafting PIM Act & Rules. The package for volumetric supply to WUAs which includes different flow measuring devices, their design & selection, evaluation & improvement, data keeping etc. has also been developed. The Institute has developed 5 Video Films/ CDs, published 3 books and Notes, two simulation games, Radio-talks, Training of trainers programme, research stdudies etc. related to PIM. All this has resulted in motivating the officers and farmers in the State for PIM. Formation and successful functioning of WUAs including federal WUA in the command of Waghad Project, WUAs in other command areas is the result of WALMI’s training and demonstration input.
  • National Level Workshop on Participatory Irrigation Management and Volumetric measurement is organized at WALMI, Aurangabad from 2-3 July, 2004 as a part of the Institute’s training programme for 2004-05. Experts, NGOs & officials working in this field were invited.
  • The Computerized Information Center on IWM has been developed in the library of the Institute, which includes database of books, articles, case studies, IWM Institutions, Govt. Circulars on IWM etc. The Quarterly Bulletin called WISWAM is made available to the users which helps in making available the upto date information / knowledge to them.
  • Professional Assistance given to Maharashtra Water and Irrigation Commission (Commission’s Report submitted to Government in 1999).
  • WALMI has served as Host Institute of Global Water Partnership’s South Asia Technical Advisory Committee (GWP-SASTAC) for the period from January 1999 to March 2003.
  • National and International Organizations like CWC, MOWR, WAPCOS, CBIP, ITIS, Indo Dutch project, WHO, etc. organized their programmes in WALMI, Aurangabad using professional expertise and facilities of the institute.
  • CBIP, New Delhi organized 4th International R& D Conference on Water and Energy for 21st Century at WALMI, Aurangabad from 28-31 Jan. 2003.
  • Efforts to change attitudes of functionaries through training on Personality Development, Stress Management and Yoga.
  • Providing consultancy services to different state/ national level organizations (I.D. (GOM), GOI, WAPCOS, INCID, Cooperative Sector, Forest Dept., Agril. Universities).
  • Institute’s then President, Shri P.R. Gandhi and First Director, Shri H.V. Dhamdhere were awarded prestigious National level “Shanti Mohan Yadav Memorial Award” in 1984 for successful launching of WALMI.