महाराष्ट्र शासन
Government of Maharashtra
जल व भूमि व्यवस्थापन संस्था
Water & Land Management Institute(WALMI)


  1. Water & Land Management Institute (WALMI) Aurangabad provides guidelines to ensure the smooth functioning of its operations and interactions with stakeholders.
  2. Guidelines may cover various aspects such as training programs, research projects, administrative procedures, and code of conduct for staff and participants.
  3. WALMI Aurangabad may have guidelines for conducting training sessions, including syllabi development, training methodologies, evaluation criteria, and participant selection process.
  4. Guidelines regarding research projects may outline the proposal submission process, ethical considerations, data collection methods, analysis techniques, and reporting requirements.
  5. Administrative guidelines may include protocols for financial management, procurement procedures, human resource management, and internal communications.
  6. Code of conduct guidelines may establish standards of behavior, professionalism, and integrity expected from staff, trainers, participants, and other stakeholders associated with WALMI Aurangabad.
  7. Guidelines may be communicated through official documents, handbooks, manuals, or online platforms accessible to relevant parties.
  8. Regular updates and revisions to guidelines may be undertaken to reflect changes in policies, procedures, or best practices.
  9. Compliance with guidelines is essential to ensure transparency, accountability, and effectiveness in the operations and activities of WALMI Aurangabad.
  10. WALMI Aurangabad may provide training, orientation sessions, or resources to familiarize stakeholders with the guidelines and ensure their proper implementation.