Frequently asked Questions

Q.No. Question Answer
1 Basin, Sub-Basin wise availability of water and rainfall Refer the report of Second Water & Irrigation Commission of Maharashtra, Volume - 1
2 Region wise soil type Refer the report of Second Water & Irrigation Commission of Maharashtra, Volume - 1
3 Total ultimate irrigation potential of Maharashtra State 85 lakh Ha. under surface irrigation
4 Availability of ground water in different regions Contact GSDA
5 Information regarding farmers training, Water Users Cooperative Society / conduct of Socio-Economic Survey, women farmers training, economic evaluation of irrigation projects, statistical techniques in IWM, etc.& Video film production Contact Social Sciences Faculty, WALMI
6 Testing soil & water samples and their chemical analysis? Contact Agriculture Faculty, WALMI
7 Information regarding crop cultivation practices & water management of crops/ cropping pattern etc.? Contact Agriculture Faculty, WALMI
8 Guidance for drip & sprinkler Irrigation, Irrigation Act, Command notifications, assessment and recovery, O & M of WUAs, Water Accounting, Auditing etc. Contact Irrigation Engineering Faculty, WALMI
9 Availability of WALMI publications for officers and farmers Contact Assistant Administrative Officer
10 Whether resource persons on Irrigation Water Management to deliver lectures available? Yes
11 Whether infrastructure facilities are made available for conducting training / seminar for other agencies? Yes, on payment basis. Contact Assistant Administrative Officer for more details
12 Information regarding flow measurement in irrigation system including types of measuring devices, their selection, design, evaluation, maintenance etc. Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
13 Information regarding various types of outlets used in irrigation systems Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
14 Information regarding water level control in canal and distribution system including various types of cross regulators Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
15 Information regarding hydraulic design of canal, factor affecting canal capacity and measures to increase canal capacity Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
16 Information regarding use of computer technology in irrigation water management Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
17 Literature regarding irrigation water management Contact Science Faculty, WALMI
18 तुषार सिंचन कोणकोणत्या पिकांस उपयुक्त आहे ? कापूस, भूईमूग, तूर, ज्वारी, बाजरी, गहू, सुर्यपफूल, करडई, मूग, उडीद, कांदा, लसूण, पफळभाज्या, इत्यादी पिकांस उपयुक्त आहे
19 ठिबक सिंचन कोणत्या पिकांर्ना आिर्थकदृष्टया परवडतेत्र सर्व प्रकारची पफळझााडे, उफस, केळी, ढोबळी मिरची, कोबी, पफलाॅवर, टोमॅटो, वेलीभाज्या, कापूस इत्यादी
20 सरळ सरी वरंबा प्रवाही सिंचन कोणकोणत्या पिकास उपयुक्त आहे त्र कापूस, तूर, मका, ज्वारी, भेंडी, गवार, टोमॅटो, ढोबळी मिरची, उफस, केळी
21 रंफद वरंबा सरी प्रवाही सिंचन कोणत्या पिकास उपयुक्त आहे त्र केळी, टरबूज, खरबूज, लसूण, कांदा, हळद, आद्रक, भूईमूग, मूळा, गाजर, बीट, टॅपिओका, वेली भाज्या, पालक, मेथी, धनिया, स्ट्ाॅबेरी इत्यादी