Secretary Name: Shri.Eknath Rajaram Dawale , IAS
Designation:Principal Secretary, Soil & Water Conservation Department, GOM

Director General Name: Shri.Madhukar Ardad , IAS
Designation:Commissioner Soil & Water Conservation (MS) & Director General WALMI
Qualification: M.Sc. (Agri)
Experience:25 Years
Specialization:Administration, Industries, Planning

Joint Director Name:
Dr. Rajesh Puranik Name: Dr. Rajesh Puranik
Designation: Professor and Head [Social Science & Agriculture]
Qualification: Ph.D. (Extension Education)
Experience: 25 year (Teaching)
Specialization: Agri. Extn. and PIM, PRA, CMT, Watershed, Livelihood and Rural Development
E mail Id: ;

Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar Name: Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar
Designation: Professor and Head,Engineering
Qualification: ME (Civil-Hydrology) IIT Roorkee, PhD. (multi Reservoir Optimization by GA) IIT Bombay,PG CIH (Hydrometeorology) Israel.
Experience: 25 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization:Hydrology, Open Channel Hydraulics, Piped Irrigation Network, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Multi Reservoir Optimization (by Genetic Algorithm), Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems, Climate Change and Water Resources Management