Shri. Eknath Dawale Name: Shri. Eknath Dawale (IAS)
Designation: Secretary, Soil & Water Conservation Department, GOM. & President Governing Council

Shri. H.A. Dhangare Name: Shri.H.A. Dhangare
Designation: Director General
Qualification: B.E. (Civil)
Experience: 36 Years
Specialization: Project Planning,Design,Construction, Hydrology,Water Conservation
Irrigation Water Management and Administration

Shri. V.B. Nath Name: Er. V.B. Nath
Designation: Superintending Engineer & Joint Director
Qualification:M.E. (Civil-Structure)
Experience: 27 Years
Specialization: Project Planning, Construction, Irrigation Management
Dr. Rajesh Puranik Name: Dr. Rajesh Puranik
Designation: Professor and Head [Social Science]
Qualification: Ph.D. (Extension Education)
Experience: 25 year (Teaching)
Specialization: Agri. Extn. and PIM, PRA, CMT, Watershed, Livelihood and Rural Development
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Dr. Vrushsen P Pawar Name: Dr. Vidya Pradip Purandare
Designation: Professor & Head, Science (Additional Charge)
Qualification: M.Sc. (Statistics), Ph.D. (Statistics) (Dr. BAMU Aurangabad),CEDTI
Experience: 31 Years (Teaching,Research & Extension)
Specialization: Economic Apprisal/ Evaluation of Water Resources Projects, Applications of Statistics in Water Sector, Estimation of SBCR,Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems (Financial Indicators). Operations Research, WUA/PIM/IMT, Women Farmers Training, Socio-economic Survey of Water Resources Projects.

A.P. Ingle Name: Er. Ajay P. Ingle
Designation: Professor & Head, Agriculture (Additional Charge)
Qualification: B.Tech, ME (WUM)IIT Roorkee, Advance Diploma in Computer Software & System Analysis.
Experience: 32 Years (Teaching, Research & Extenstion)
Specialization: Irrigation Water Management (IWM), Computer Application in IWM, Open channel hydraulics & flow measurements.

Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar Name: Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar
Designation: Professor and Head,Engineering (Additional Charge)
Qualification: ME (Civil-Hyd) IIT Roorkee, PhD. (Water Resources) IIT Bombay, PG CIH (Hydrometeorology) Israel.
Experience: 24 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization: Surface and Ground Water Hydrology, Open Channel Hydraulics, Integrated River Basin Planning and Management, Multi Reservoir Optimization by Genetic Algorithm, Benchmarking of Irrigation System and Watershed Management.

P.S. Tambi Name: Er. P.S. Tambi
Designation: Professor and Head, IWDM (Additional Charge)
Qualification: B.E. (Civil)
Experience: 34 Years (WR Department)
Specialization: Irrigation Management, Worked on PPDR of Majalgaon Project Canal Automation.

P.S. Tambi Name: Er.Meenal Devdatta Kulkarni
Designation: Executive Engineer & Administrative Officer (Additional Charge)
Qualification: M.E. (Civil).
Experience: 17 Years (Field Experience)
Specialization: Design of Hydro Electric Projects/ Water Resources Development

P.S. Tambi Name: Er. P.S. Tambi
Designation:Executive Engineer & Associate Professor, TPMC (Additional Charge)
Qualification: B.E. (Civil)
Experience: 34 Years (WR Department)
Specialization: Irrigation Management, Worked on PPDR of Majalgaon Project Canal Automation.
B.A. Chivate Name: Mr. B.A. Chivate
Designation: Assistant Professor
(Additional Charge of Assistant Administrative Officer )
Qualification: MIE, M.E.(IWM)
Experience: 27 Years Field Experience & 10 Years Teaching
Specialization: Irrigation Water Management, Water Auditing & Benchmarking of Irrigation Projects
Mrs. Vandana Rajendra Wathore Name: Mrs. Vandana Rajendra Wathore
Designation: Account Officer
Qualification: M.Sc Biochemistry
Experience: 07 Years
Specialization: Audit & Accounting