Consultancy Work

Consultancy Areas for training and applied research
  • Planning and design of Pipe Distribution Network
  • Planning and design of Micro Irrigation system
  • Water Harvesting
  • Evaluation and design of Flow Measuring Devices on canals
  • Performance evaluation of Waer Resources Projects
  • Crop Water Requirements
  • Socio economic impact of Water Resource Projects
Projects completed on consultancy basis
  • Post Project performance evaluation of Itiadoh irrigation Project
  • Farmers Participatory Action Research Programme
  • Micro Irrigation Network design of farmers field
  • Pipe Distribution network for selected Water Resources Project of Maharashtra
  • Evaluation and design of Flow Measuring Devices on selected projects of Maharashtra
  • Estimation of crop water requirement and net irrigation requirement for proposed/suggested cropping pattern of selected Water Resource Projects of Maharashtra
  • Studies on cropping pattern in salt affected soils in the command area pf proposed Jigaon irrigation project, Dist. Buldhana and proposed Lower Pedhi irrigation project, Dist. Amaravati, Maharashtra