Demonstration of straight furrow irrigation using Syphon Tubes

As the Institute has main objective of imparting training in irrigation water management to in-service Irrigation & Agriculture officials of different levels and also farmers, well planned effective demonstrations on scientific irrigation methods and crop production technology therefore form the key input to the training activity of the Institute. For this purpose, the Institute has created a facility of demonstration farm during the year 1983 – 84. Out of 178.17 ha. of geographical area of the campus, 25 Ha. Area with a facility of irrigation (flow and pressurized) is brought under cultivation to demonstrate various on-farm irrigation and crop production practices with the constraint of land resource which is very shallow and coarse textured. Faculty of Agriculture has 6 Ha. area for demonstrating irrigation techniques on mostly food grain crops whereas remaining area is with Estate Sub Division for management of rain fed (tarmid, awala, mangoes ) and irrigated (gauva, mango, sappota) horticulture with drip irrigation and also for a forestation purpose. Integrated Watershed Development & Management Faculty looks after 11 Ha. area under different water harvesting structures and other soil and water conservation measures for the purpose of demonstrations to the participants of various courses.

The following facilities of the institute are open for the visitors :
Sr No Concerned Faculty Facilities
1 Agriculture & Engineering Faculty Demonstration farm No-1
  • Demonstration of Drip & sprinkler irrigation system
  • Improved surface irrigation techniques
  • Solar Pump
  • Farm Pond
  • Vermiculture Compost
  • Poly house
In Faculty
  • Crop science laboratory
  • Soil science laboratory
  • Irrigation laboratory
2 Agriculture, Engineering & Science Faculty Demonstration farm No-2
  • Agro meteorological laboratory
  • Hydraulics laboratory
  • Soil & Water conservation demonstration
  • Sprinkler irrigation demonstration
  • Drip irrigation to fruit crops
  • Land forming techniques
3 Science Faculty
  • Computer Center
  • Library
4 Social Science Faculty Marathi/English video films and CDs
5 Assistant Administrative Officer WALMI Publications available for sale

All the above facilities are open for visitors. No charges are collected from farmers, however, the nominal charges are required to be paid by other visitors. The details of charges are as below:

Sr. No. Particulars Charges (Rs.)
1 Entry fee for four wheeler vehicle 15.00 per vehicle
2 Visit to campus  
Students 1.00 per student
Teaching staff 2.00 per member
To show WALMI story 2.00 per head (Rs. 50.00 minimum)
Visit of college students, officers, employees, teaching staff to all faculties (including WALMI Story) 10.00 per head
3 Farmers Free