Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar Name: Dr. Avinash S. Garudkar
Designation: Professor and Head (Engineering)
Qualification: ME (Civil-Hyd) IIT Roorkee, PhD. (Water Resources) IIT Bombay, PG CIH (Hydrometeorology) Israel.
Experience: 24 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization: Surface and Ground Water Hydrology, Open Channel Hydraulics, Integrated River Basin Planning and Management, Multi Reservoir Optimization by Genetic Algorithm, Benchmarking of Irrigation System and Watershed Management.

Vidya Purandare Name: Dr. Vidya P. Purandare
Designation: Associate Professor (Statistics)
Qualification: M.Sc. (Statistics), Ph.D. (Statistics) (Dr. BAMU Aurangabad),CEDTI
Experience: 30 Years (Teaching,Research & Extension)
Specialization: Economic Apprisal/ Evaluation of Water Resources Projects, Applications of Statistics in Water Sector, Estimation of SBCR,Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems (Financial Indicators). Operations Research, WUA/PIM/IMT, Women Farmers Training, Socio-economic Survey of Water Resources Projects.

Dr. Dilip G Durbude Name: Dr. Dilip G Durbude
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: B.Tech., M.E. (SWCE), Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee)
Experience: 18 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization: Agricultural Enginering, Rainfall, Runoff Model, GIS, Remote Sensing in Hydrology

Er.Meenal Devdatta Kulkarni Name: Er.Meenal Devdatta Kulkarni
Designation: Executive Engineer & Associate Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Civil).
Experience: 17 Years (Field Experience)
Specialization: Design of Hydro Electric Projects/ Water Resources Development

Er. Madhusudan Y. Khadatare Name: Er. Madhusudan Y. Khadatare
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M. Tech. (Soil & Water Engineering), PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab
Experience: 11 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization: Irrigation & Drainage Engineering, Irrigation water management, Remote Sensing & GIS, Planning & design of PVC pipe distribution system for gravity irrigation in command area, Planning & design of Drip & Sprinkler irrigation system, Assessment of Reservoir Sedimentation by using Remote Sensing & GIS technique

Er. Ajit B. Nirmale  Name: Er. Ajit B. Nirmale
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: D.C.P.,C-DAC, M.E.(Ag) IWME,MPUAT, Udaipur Rajasthan.
Experience: 09 Years (Teaching, Research & Extension)
Specialization: Irrigation water Management Engineering, Drainage Engineering, Remote sensing & GIS, Ground water exploration, Planning & Designing of Pipe Distribution Network for gravity flow irrigation in command, Automated Drip & Sprinkler Irri.system.