Faculty of Agricultural

Dr. Puranik Name: Dr. Rajesh Puranik
Designation: Professor and Head [Social Science & Agriculture]
Qualification: Ph.D. (Extension Education)
Experience: 25 Years (Teaching)
Specialization: Agri. Extn. and PIM, PRA, CMT, Watershed, Livelihood and Rural Development

Mr.-Vijaykumar-A.-Bodkhe Name: Dr. Vijaykumar A. Bodkhe
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (Agri), (Ph.D.) Agri. in Horticulture (Fruit Science)
Experience: 10 Years
Specialization: Crop water requirement, Irrigation Scheduling, Crop production technology of Horticultural crops, Greenhouse technology, Landscape gardening, Agroforesty for Natural Resource Management.

Dr.-Harshada-Pankaj-Deshmukh- Name: Dr. Harshada Pankaj Deshmukh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. (Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry).
Experience: 03 Year (Teaching)
Specialization: Physical and Chemical Properties of Soil in relation to IWM, Soil Water Plant Relationship, Water quality for Irrigation, Irrigation Scheduling.

Mr. Kishor S. Rathod Name: Mr. Kishor S. Rathod
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc.(Agri) with JRF (Agronomy) , NET (ASRB, ICAR, New Delhi).
Experience: 03 Years (Teaching)
Specialization: Crop Water requirement, Irrigation Water Management and Crop production technology of Agronomic crops

Dr.-Harish-H-Deshpande- Name: Dr. Harish H Deshpande
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (Agri) , Ph.D. (Agronomy), PGDMM & PGDMCJ
Experience: 03 Years (Teaching)
Specialization: Field Crop Producation Technology, Soil moisture conservation practices, Irrigation water management for major field crops and Agro-Meteorology.