Library And Information Center

  • Purpose :
  • To provide facilities for hands-on-practice on Computers for developing skills of Trainee Officers
  • Software Development related to Irrigation Water Management

Avaible Books, Journals & Periodicals

Total number of books 27574
Total number of subscribed Periodicals 50
Computer Assisted Information Services
Bibliographic database of books 15054
Database of technical Journal articles 4997
Database of Institutions 71


The library holds a reference collection of documents on the following subject areas relevant to Irrigation Water Management.

  • Irrigation Engineering including Operation and Maintenance
  • Drainage Engineering
  • Hydraulics
  • Plant Science
  • Soil Science
  • Soil Water plant relationship
  • Statistics
  • Social Science & Agricultural Extension
  • Economics
  • Computer Applications in IWM.
  • Principles of Management
  • Modern Education Technology.


27574 books are available in the library. International section of publications published by IWMI, IRRI, ILRI, ICID, FAO, DFID, GWP, IFPRI, IPTRID, USAID, USBR, World Bank, WWC ,etc. is available.


50 Journals are subscribed on the relevant topics and also subscribed to 9 Newspapers. Out of 50, four international Journals are subscribed as under:

Irrigation & Drainage (Q) Wiley & Sons Limited, England
Journal of Irrigation & Drainage Engineering (M) American Society of Civil Engineers, 1801,Alexander Bell Drive Reston VA 20191-4400 USA.
Irrigation Science (BIM) Springer International, Germany
Transactions of ASABE(BIM) American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, USA

Library facility is open to outside users on nominal charges of Rs. 10 per day per head for reading and referencing.

Information Services:

  • Current Awareness Bulletin – WISWAM :
  • A quarterly current awareness bulletin on Irrigation Water Management is published. It contains following:
  • Select articles on IWM
  • Recent periodical literature
  • New arrivals
  • Media clippings
  • Calendar of events

Reprographic Services:

Photocopying facilities available in the Institute are utilized for providing document delivery support.

Computer assisted information services:

The main objective of computer assisted information services is to document and store data and information relevant to IWM as well as disseminating it to the users and exchange information with other interested organizations. Computer assisted information services are being developed in the following areas:

  • Bibliographic database of books available in the library: About 27574 books on different subject areas are available in the library. WINISIS Software supplied by USAID under WRM&T Project is being used to create bibliographic database of books. About 700 keywords have been standardized for retrieval of the information. Information based on author, title, subject, keywords etc. can be retrieved using this database and disseminating it to the users or other organizations. The database of all available books has been created.
  • Database of Technical Journal articles: WALMI subscribes about 50 technical journals on different subject areas. The database of selected journal articles with abstract is being developed using WINISIS software. This database will help in making available the State – of – the - art on any subject area. So far database of about 4997 articles is created. Every month about 25 articles are added in the database.
  • Database of Institutions and experts: The database of Institutions in the country working in the area of Irrigation Water Management is created using CDS/ISIS. This database will be useful in providing information of the Institutions and experts for obtaining detail information.


Name of Equipment Configuration
Computer Hardware HCL AMD Phenom™, II2,x2 560 Processor 3.30 GHZ, 4 MB RAM
HCL Pentium IV, 3.06 GHZ, 1 GB RAM, 1 No Rptech P4
Printer  Samsung SCX 472x series,1 No. Samsung ML-3310 D


  • OS:-Microsoft Campus license, Windows 8.1 , Ubuntu 14.04