Computer Center


  • To cater the need of use of information technology in irrigation water management ,in various courses conducted by the institute.
  • To carryout data analysis, reports writing & presentation work of long term & induction courses conducted by institute.
  • In-house & technical software development
  • To carryout data analysis, reports writing & presentation work of various Institutional research & consultancy projects.

Brief History

Use of computer in various courses conducted by the institute was introduced from the inception of the institute .Computer programming languages FORTRAN and BASIC were taught in long term training courses .Initially 28 software pertaining to use of computers in irrigation water management were developed by the institute in DOS platform. With the introduction of personal computers & software like Lotus 1-2-3 & dbase in the institute specialized trainings on use of computers in irrigation water management of 4 to 6 weeks duration were conducted by the institute. The objective was to inculcate computer culture & to promote use of computer as a tool for data analysis in day to day office work.

Software developed in DOS platform were converted to standalone MS excel worksheets with advance ms excel functionalities. These software are widely used by field officers.

With the advent of computer technology & Internet .The training base was shifted to windows platform with MS office software. Training modules were constantly updated to keep pace with technology.

Present Activities

At present institute is conducting one week training courses on “Basic Application of MS excel In Irrigation Water Management” & “Application of advance MS excel in irrigation water management” topics , both are flagship training programmes of the institute with overwhelming response .The training module are constantly enhanced with hands on exercises based on technical problems pertaining to irrigation water management .The use of internet, email & effective presentation techniques are also introduced in the course curriculum of long term courses.

Apart from computer training. Participants of Long term, Short term & induction training are using computers for data compilation & analysis, report writing & presentation work for field project exercises & Seminars.


To cater the need of training ,Data analysis work Computer center is equipped with latest computers with legal software. Details are given below.

Computer Hardware a) HP Elite Desk Intel ® Core (™) I7-4770 CPU @ 3.4 Ghz, 4 GB Ram, HDD 500GB, (64 Bit) 17 Nos.
b) HCl AMD Phenom ™,II2 x 2 560 Procesor 3.30 Ghz ,4 MB RAM ,HDD 550 GB. 06 Nos.
Software Operating System : Windows 8.1 64 Bit
Application Software : MS office 13.