(Training, Research & Consultancy)

  Design, Management, Operation, Maintenance of Irrigation System. (DISNET)
  Irrigation Water Management on farm
  Land development
  Drainage Engineering & Conjunctive use of surface & ground water
  Planning of storages & reservoir operation
  Preliminary irrigation program (PIP) & water auditing
  Irrigation Act
  Operation & Maintenance of canal
  Pressurized Irrigation systems
  Lift Irrigation systems
  Modern controls in Irrigation system
  Benchmarking of Irrigation Systems
  Management of M.I. system, & K.T. weirs
Research studies related to irrigation efficiency, Conjunctive use, Water allocation
Consultancy work related to irrigation system,
Planning And Design of PVC PIPE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM for Gravity Flow Irrigation in Command
Indoor and Outdoor Irrigation Laboratory
  To demonstrate various surface and pressurized irrigation system
  To demonstrate infiltration
  To study on farm efficiencies
  To demonstrate irrigation layouts
  Drip Irrigation Network
  Research Area

Water Resources Management

PVC Pipe Distribution Network for Gravity Flow Irrigation in Command
On-Farm Water Management, (Improved surface irrigation techniques)
Land development
Drip & sprinkler irrigation,( Planning, design, O & M aspects)
Drainage of Agriculture lands
Conjunctive use of surface & ground water
Planning, design, O & M of L.I. schemes & K.T. weirs
Water auditing of irrigation systems
Benchmarking of Irrigation systems
Soil-Water-Crop Relationship
Water Management of Irrigated Crops
Hydraulics & Flow Measurement
Computer Applications in Irrigation Water Management (IWM)
Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
Socio-Economic and Organizational Aspects of IWM
Participatory Irrigation Management
Training of Farmers
Integrated Watershed Development and Management
Modern Education Technology
Training of Trainers

   Achievements   Training Programme    Research Activities     Consultancy work       

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